Mareeba Saleyards is owned and operated by the North Queensland Saleyards Company Pty Ltd, (NQSY)
Privately owned by descendents of the Northern grazing industry.
Making Mareeba the only saleyards in Queensland owned by graziers.


Mareeba Saleyards is the most northern selling centre in Queensland, situated 5km north of Mareeba, and conveniently located at the junction of the Peninsula Development Road, the Burke Development Road and the Kennedy Highway. The Saleyards were established on the current site in 1947, to provide a facility for producers to market their livestock, and operates under the ethos of "Built by Producers - for Producers".
Mareeba Saleyards operates a combined fat and store sale at 9am every Tuesday of the year, with the exception of a closure between Christmas and mid January each season.

The Saleyards complex consists of:

  • 182 selling pens, all with water and shade
  • numerous large roomy holding and spelling yards, all with water and shade, suitable for export requirements
  • purpose built, well shaded, cow & calf holding yards with low troughs
  • live weight scales accommodating deck lots
  • double deck loading and unloading ramps
  • a number of single ramps
  • truck wash facilities
  • cattle wash facilities
  • bulk hay depot, selling irrigated, fertilized rhodes grass, guaranteed residue free
  • plunge dip charged with Amitik - nil WHP nil ESI, the only chemical effective on chemical resistant ticks
  • selling ring
  • veterinary squeeze crush and head bail
  • branding facilities
  • landscaped BBQ area for social functions
  • the yards are well shaded, have sprinklers throughout and are fully lit.
  • The live weight scales are fully computerized with a network system running the latest LESaleyards software integrated with an Aleis multi-panel NLIS scanner
  • On site Manager - 24 hour security
  • numerous local and export buyers operating on a weekly basis