Market Report

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Last Sale Roundup -Tuesday 10th December 2019

Total yarding 391 head including 4 sold open auction
Yard averaged 154c/kg averaging $582.17/head

193 bulls averaged 130.8c/kg selling to a top of 294.2c/kg
42 cows averaged 135.8c/kg selling to a top of 238.2c/kg
34 heifers averaged 177.9c/kg selling to a top of 227.2c/kg
79 steers averaged 226c/kg selling to a top of 274.2c/kg
24 yearling heifers averaged 184.5c/kg selling to a top of 230.2c/kg
15 yearling steers averaged 240.3c/kg selling to a top of 261.2c/kg

1 cow & calf @ $230/unit

2 cows & calves @ $310/unit

1 cow @ $50

A little bit of background information when reading the market report:

The letters A - E refer to butt shape/muscling of the beast, with A being the best (well muscled) and E the worst (no muscle).

The numbers 1-6 refer to the amount of fat cover, with 1 being skinny (less than 2mm on the rump) and 6 being overfat (32mm + on rump)


Catagory D3 refers to animals that are of average butt muscle and average fat coverage - they are not fat, but they are also not poor.