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Home Category Blog What are the fees and Charges for use of the Saleyards?
What are the fees and Charges for use of the Saleyards? PDF Print E-mail

What are the fees and Charges for use of the Saleyards?

Fees and Charges

As At 01.05.19 (inc gst)

Normal Sale

Live weight Scale Fee

-single weigh ���� $3.30 per head
-multiple weigh � $2.20 per head

NLIS Scan Fee��� $0.66 per head

Sale yards Commission � 1.5% of gross proceeds + gst

Head bail fee to replace NLIS devices � $5.50/head

Passed In Levy# � $11.00 per head

#charged only on those animals that are offered for sale, and then passed in at auction.

Welfare Levy* $11.00 per head

* charged only to those animals that are rejected as being not suitable for public sale, that are sent weight and grade to the local abattoir. The animal is fit to load under the code of practice, but may be carrying an injury that deems them unsuitable to be penned for auction.

(The selling Agent will also charge a commission for their services, but these vary from Agency to Agency, so ask your preferred Agent what their commission fee will be)

Private Sales/Weighbridge Use

20 head or less � $3.85 per head (minimum charge $20)

FREE NLIS transfer

More than 20 head $2.75 per head

FREE NLIS transfer

This is the only charge levied for private sale cattle. ie. (there are no additional ramp fees, spelling or commissions for private sale transactions). Scales are available without an Agent.

All stock bought or sold through Mareeba Saleyards enjoy:

FREE use of branding furnace

FREE use of vet crush and head bale

FREE use of spelling facilities before and after sale

Facility Services:

Dipping Fees (Amitraz) � $1.98 per head

(Amitraz has nil ESI and nil WHP)


Bulk hay loaded onto your vehicle $41.91 per round bale loaded onto your truck

All livestock left in the Saleyards for a period of 24 hours will be fed. All hay is high quality, green, fertilized, irrigated rhodes grass.

Feed Hay round bale $ 46.86 each

Feed Hay square bale $ 14.30 each

Animal Disposal

(to destroy and bury animals that are not in compliance with welfare standards, or arrive at the facility deceased.)

Livestock consigned to Saleyards $110/head

Livestock not consigned to Saleyards $330/head

Call Out Fee

To open yards out of normal business hours $110

Truck Wash $33 per hour

The following fees apply only to stock that HAVE NOT been bought or sold through these Saleyards, but wish to utilize services- branding furnace, dipping, scanning or transit stock.

Transit Cattle Services:

Ramp fee $2.20 per head

NLIS scan & transfer (if required) $0.66 per head

Spelling fee Cattle $0.66 per head per day

Horses $2.20 per head per day

Yard Use (branding, head bale etc) $ 0.55 per head

Other Services:

NLIS Scan & Transfer $0.66 per head

NLIS Third Party Transfers charged at hourly rate (min charge $20)

NLIS Rollback Fee charged at hourly rate (min charge $20)

Business Hours:

Loading Ramps Open:

Monday - Friday 6am to 6pm

Unloading Ramps Open

24 hours 7 days

Sale Curfew

7pm Monday nights

6pm night before Store Sales

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